When you arrive at night avoid to fight especially after long hours flight.


I arrived to Union Station, Washington DC, at 1a.m. I walked outside to wait for my friend Samia. A young man in his early 30s approached me. He had no luggage or any sign that proves he’s a traveler. He had the 2D symptoms, i.e. he was either Drunk or Drugged. He asked me if I were Indian, I said No and walked away. He followed me and asked are you from Pakistan? I said: No. Then, he asked then what are you? I ignored the objectification and said I’m a global citizen thinking “what if he has an issue with Moroccans? He smiled and said: “that’s interesting”. He extends his hand introducing himself while I’m looking around hoping my friend would show up soon. I looked back at him, then looked at his hand, still extended to shake my hand, then said “I’m sorry I’m waiting for someone” and walked away but this time in the direction of taxis where it seemed safer. He walked back to the station in the quest for his Indian princess I guess. Then I heard Samia’s voice shouting my name. What a relief!



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